About Us

Nueva Modo

Finding New Solutions and Innovative Pathways in the Fields of Electrical Engineering & Nano Materials.

‘Nueva Modo’ directly translated means ‘new way’, which is the ideal name for our company as we are always looking for new and innovative ways of doing things, and look at problems from a variety of perspectives before using our skills and knowledge to come up with creative solutions.

When partnering with Nueva Modo, you’ll be partnering with a trusted name in the electrical engineering industry. Nueva Modo was established back in 2016 after a team of vibrant professionals realised the need for finding new solutions in the fields of nano materials and electrical engineering. While we currently specialise in these two fields, it does not mean that we won’t be branching out into adjacent fields in the near future.

Our team is composed of well-respected professionals with extensive experience in different industries and disciplines. Each team member has been handpicked for their passion, innovation, and expertise, and we are incredibly proud of the team at Nueva Modo.


We aim to become the best performer in our line of work and become the supplier of choice to our customers and partners by establishing professional relationships that are mutually beneficial. 


Our mission is simple — Find new ways to provide the best products and services to our customers.

Our Values

Respect - Treat our clients, business partners, colleagues and the environment with care and respect

Openness - We will always conduct business with you in a manner that is fair, professional, and acceptable in all respects. Maintaining transparency is incredibly important to us.

Integrity - Undertaking the work we do with the highest levels of quality as a matter of integrity.

A Focus on Safety

Nervous about getting electrical engineers in because you’re worried about the safety of your staff, premises, and equipment? Working in the field of electrical engineering and nano-material cleaning technology, safety is a factor that is of extreme importance to us. We ensure that there are the necessary precautions in place for each of our service offerings. We are completely above board, and are affiliated with SAIEE, and ECSA, as well as the Department of Labour.

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