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Have you been searching for an electrical engineering team that has the technical skills to provide comprehensive solutions for your electrical challenges? At Nueva Modo, we offer you a range of innovative electrical engineering solutions. We have been providing these services for well over a decade, and it is always our aim to go and above your expectations by making use of cutting-edge technology, and by employing a team of true professionals who are always looking for better ways of doing things.

Electrical Engineering

Our comprehensive range of electrical engineering services include:

Protection And Testing

Are you interested in getting a full electrical protection audit? As well as a professional testing and setting service? Our team conducts a full maintenance solution assessment for LV and MV circuit breakers, which includes speed testing and contact resistance testing. Our testing solution includes the testing of instrument transformers, power transformers, and secondary injection testing. We also conduct on-site, underground cable fault location, as well as the AC and DC pressure testing of power cables.


Do you need a complete commissioning solution? Our team have a solid commissioning background with proven competency levels. We offer everything from the verification of plant construction and design, plant labelling verification and correction, cold commissioning and hot commissioning - right through to commercial operation and post commissioning support. We do it all! Get a custom package from us that is customised to your requirements and defined battery limits.


No matter what industry you’re in, electrical maintenance is always a service worth investing in. The Nueva Modo team provides a full motor and transformer maintenance strategy for your company based on your specific needs. We conduct visual inspections, collect oil samples, and provide comprehensive reports and recommendations to your team.

Energy Audit And Energy

If you’re looking to reduce your energy consumption and your electrical bills, while still maintaining the same amount of output, this is the ideal service for you. Nueva Modo (Pty) Ltd sends technicians to collect the field data of all your electrical consumers, ranging from basic equipment, such as lights, all through to heavy energy converters. We’ll provide you with comprehensive reports on all the findings, and provide recommendations with different options for energy efficient solutions customised for your specific equipment and consumption needs.

Engineering Design And

If you have engineering design and drafting needs, we’re able to provide design solutions across all electrical engineering applications in power generation, mining, and manufacturing. We help you re-establish and maintain your facilities’ electrical blue prints by drafting and updating your drawings during expansions and modifications.

Professional Engineering

Our team has the professional capabilities to assist you with mechanical drawings and reticulation drawings, signed off by an ECSA registered professional engineer. This service includes tracing and drawing of electrical reticulation for buildings and factories, piping reticulation for machines and factory processes. We also provide drawings intended for machining and 3D printing.

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