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If you’ve ever tried to find effective solutions for cleaning electrical equipment, you’ll know how difficult it is to find a trustworthy solution. But that shouldn’t mean you should allow your expensive electrical equipment to become covered in dust and grime.

Nueva Modo provides a nano-material cleaning technology solution used for cleaning electrical and electronic equipment. This uniquely engineered and well-researched solution addresses the well-known industry problem in electrical engineering where deep cleaning of equipment is usually a no-go zone due to factors such as: continuous operations with limited time for cleaning, health and safety considerations, the emergence of secondary problems, and access contraints.

Industry Problems

Industry experience, investigations, and scientific research have revealed that various electrical equipment is susceptible to contamination by oil, dust, acid, alkali salts, and moisture within the environment during long-term operation.

This increases the probability of incipient failures, e.g.:

  • Sticky coils and contacts
  • Unwanted temperature rise
  • Electrostatic inductions
  • Increased energy consumption – poor efficiency

Giving rise to the likelihood of:

  • Flashovers
  • Pollution flashes
  • Arcing
  • Sparking
  • Abnormal sounds

The statement “Can’t Shut Down” is not uncommon and has gradually become the reason why maintenance can’t be done!

Industry Complications

1. Continuous operations
Time to stop and do frequent cleaning is limited or no time at all.

2. Health and Safety considerations
There are some widely accepted inherent safety risks associated with some types of maintenance work and therefore tend to be avoided.

3. The emergence of secondary problems
Subsequent problems resulting from unfamiliar or nonstandard maintenance practices undertaken e.g. Dust getting stuck between contacts and PC boards due to blowing off of dust.

4. Access constraints
Some equipment are just difficult to access for cleaning type of maintenance. 

Our Solution

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and effective way to clean your electrical equipment, we have the ideal solution!

Nueva Modo provides a nano-material cleaning technology solution, which has been tried and tested in over 11 countries across the world, and is certified under ISO9001;  ISO14001; ISO45001, and accepted by National High-Tech Enterprise.

Our solution promises to eliminate dust from equipment, reduce temperatures, restore insulation, increase wind speeds in inlets and outlets, reduce noise, and eliminate static. The solution covers live or offline physical sweeping and cleaning of primary electrical equipment such as insulator surfaces, bushings, surge arrestors, reactors and capacitor banks. It also covers the cleaning of secondary high and low voltage power distribution equipment, and network communication equipment.

Properties Of The Cleaning Agent

There is no other solution like it on the market!

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