Compelling Reasons Why Electrical Equipment Maintenance Is A Must

KZN Riots: Was Your Electrical Equipment Affected?

Mid-July saw unrest and upheaval as KwaZulu-Natal and other parts of South Africa were in the grips of violent riots and looting. 

These incidents caused physical damage beyond belief to the local stores, shopping malls, and infrastructure. The attacks in KZN alone, which also included acts of arson, in total cost the economy more than R20 million and has placed more than 150 000 jobs in the province at risk. 

An estimated 40 000 formal businesses and around 50 000 informal traders with no insurance to lean on were affected by the violent outburst born from socio-economic outrage. 

Most damage is evident with burnt buildings, storefronts destroyed, and stolen goods, but what about the damage that cannot be seen at face value? These kinds of attacks cause a wave of debris, dust, and smoke, which, in turn, will have adverse effects on crucial electrical equipment. 

Companies that heavily rely on this equipment to carry out business operations are at risk for premature damage and systems failure. This damage could cost millions of rands to repair and abruptly halt productivity timelines. To prevent this, company owners should tend to their equipment immediately with thorough inspection and cleaning. 

When performing these emergency cleanups, implementing premium cleaning technology will ensure that the task is carried out safely for the bodies working the job and the equipment. 

Nano-material cleaning technology is a reliable and safe solution for cleaning heavy-duty electrical engineering equipment. Let’s take a more detailed look at why this is below. 

Highly Efficient At Removing Dust Build-Up

The burning of infrastructure brought a wave of dust that can settle on electrical equipment causing several problems. A thick layer of dust can act as an insulator and cause higher power chips and devices to overheat. It can attract moisture and cause electrical leakage, shorting and opening of PCBs under various conditions. Furthermore, a conductive electrolyte film can form that may degrade the surface insulation resistance between the conductors. It can also affect the contact in relays, switches and connectors and cause arcing and carbon tracking in higher voltage apps. In a nutshell, the above consequences will make the equipment significantly harder to service in the long run. 

The nano-technology can prevent all of this from occurring. 

Eliminates Noise 

Is your engineering equipment making an unsettling noise? Usually, it’s best to avoid letting the machinery reach this point. However, the significance of the riots caused unprecedented damage to the entire province and will require a significant amount of South Africa’s resources to repair. Therefore, it is no surprise that your equipment may have taken a knock causing it to act up prematurely. 

It is best to address this with efficient and effective cleaning solutions as early as possible to avoid long term damage. The nano-material technology is a solution that promises to eliminate dust from equipment, reduce temperatures, restore insulation, increase wind speeds in inlets and outlets, reduce noise, and eliminate static. 


Due to the non-conductive nature of the nano-material solution, it is a safe option to use in the workplace. These features will ensure that when you are working on your potentially impaired machine, the solution in use will safeguard against the risk of overheating, resulting in fires, explosions, injury, and even death. 

The consequence of ignoring unsettling sounds is irreversible, so act fast and do the right thing with cleaning technology that is reliable, safe to use, and efficient. 

The KZN riots were not only devastating to the community, but they were also devastating to the companies that rely on industrial equipment to operate their daily business. This damage will be a timely affair to clean up, and the entire reconstruction could take years due to the enormous costs and lack of funding. 

Company owners should start thinking about clever solutions to clean the electrical equipment they rely on to keep their operations running. With safety being a high priority, consider implementing nano-material technology to start cleaning your heavy-duty equipment safely and thoroughly. 

Nueva Modo is a team of passionate specialists that aim to provide new ways to tackle electrical engineering problems. If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and effective way to clean your electrical equipment, nano-technology is the ideal solution, and we can provide it to you today. So why not get in touch with us and start immediately? Contact us today for yours.

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