Compelling Reasons Why Electrical Equipment Maintenance Is A Must

Nano-Material Cleaning Technology: The Future of Electrical Equipment Cleaning

As an owner of expensive electrical equipment, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to effectively keep these machines clean from the build-up of dirt, dust, grime, and oil. 

However, keeping this equipment clean is crucial to its lifespan. 

Build-ups of dirt often bring on an onslaught of premature problems. These may include an increase in energy consumption, which is costly and harmful on an environmental scale, an unwanted temperature rise that can prove dangerous to both operators and equipment, electrostatic inductions, and sticky coils and contacts. 

So, what’s the solution? Nano-material cleaning technology is uniquely engineered and is thoroughly researched to deliver great results. It successfully addresses the well-known industry problem in electrical engineering where deep cleaning of equipment is usually a no-go zone due to several factors. These include the reality of continuous operations with limited time for cleaning, health and safety risks, the emergence of secondary problems, and access constraints.

Below, we touch on some of the key benefits of using this cleaning technology as a solution for any electrical or electronic equipment. 

Quick & Efficient 

Tried and tested in over 11 countries worldwide, this cleaning solution promises the avoidance of threatening setbacks regardless of how significant the dirt buildup might be. This innovative, safe-to-use technology removes dust and dirt quickly and without hassle, allowing you to work better with increased efficiency and free of disruption. 


There’s nothing more unpleasant than cleaning solutions that smell of harmful chemicals. Having an odourless product makes using it painless and hassle-free. It also suggests that the product contains no harmful chemicals that could be potentially dangerous for direct human contact. 


When designing a technology that holds the responsibility of aiding and not posing damage to expensive electrical and electronic equipment, a huge aspect to consider and ensure is that it cannot be corrosive. Knowing that this product will not cause rust or decay is a huge win, allowing you to work stress-free and confident that the lifespan of your equipment is not under threat. 


A major benefit to the nano-material cleaning solution is that you’re safeguarded against the risk of fire. This non-flammable solution is safe to use in all electrical environments, which will aid in the process of storing equipment. It will also make a wider range of usage available, and ensure the safety of your equipment and your workers. 


Cleaning solutions for multiple purposes often come with the risk of being highly toxic if inhaled, ingested or when coming into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth. Major health problems have been associated with several highly toxic yet commonly used products. These include but are not limited to respiratory issues, allergic reactions, headaches, and even cancer. 

The nano-material cleaning aid is completely non-toxic and is safe to use. This makes it ideal for frequent or on-the-spot use. 


Having a non-conductive cleaning solution is essential to the performance of the electrical equipment post-application. Non-conductive solutions will ensure that equipment stays in a safe temperature range for usage. Over-heating equipment can cause incredible damage. If the circuit overheats the risks include fire, explosion and injury. 

Damage caused by overheating is usually irreparable and can only be solved by replacing various components, which can be a timely and expensive process to undertake. 

Neutral PH 

Neutral PH levels in the cleaning solution ensure that any worker coming into contact with the solution is at minimal risk of skin irritation or worse. Solutions with significantly high or low PH levels have the potential to be dangerous to humans. This threat occurs if the solution comes into contact with the skin, is inhaled, or ingested. Solutions with high alkaline levels or acidity levels should be used with great caution as they run the risk of causing severe skin burns. This is why using a trusted product that does not pose major physical threats in high-volume work environments is imperative to worker health and safety. It also encourages higher levels of productivity and fewer unwanted setbacks.

The nano-material cleaning technology promises to eliminate dust from equipment, reduce temperature, restore insulation and create a safer working environment for all. There is nothing else like it on the market! 

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